Anders Beatty has over 25 years experience in the field of addiction, firstly as an “addict” and later as a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist.

Anders founded ICS after his own transformative treatment with ibogaine. As well as studying for a Masters degree in narrative therapy, Anders is currently the complaints moderator for the Global Ibogaine Therapy Allicance (GITA), and his expert guidance is sought out by ibogaine treatment centres worldwide. His pre-treatment protocol has become recognised as a fundamental component of successful treatment by many of the world’s leading ibogaine providers.



Ben Taub is an anthropologist who has spent the past ten years researching the therapeutic uses of visionary plants across the globe, and joined ICS following his own experience with ibogaine. His insights help to create a synergy between the ICS treatment protocol and the knowledge of indigenous communities that have used hallucinogenic plants to maintain the emotional wellbeing of their members for centuries.

Ben’s experiences in the field of addiction formed the basis of his Masters thesis, which provides an in-depth examination of the essential factors that enable long-term recovery following ibogaine treatment, and he has spent the past several years helping others to put these into practise.

Svea Nielsen

Svea Nielsen

Svea Nielsen is a psychologist with a master in ethnopsychiatry, a nice blend of psychology, anthropology and religion. She has 15 years of experience in harm reduction services at festivals (www.psychsitter.com). In 2006, she heard about the Iboga root as a way to help people with addictions and campaigned to make it available as a treatment in her country, Switzerland. In 2014, she was asked to help a friend with the Iboga and decided to listen to the call of the sacred plant. She received training from Clare Wilkins who has been working in the field since 2007 (www.pangeabiomedics.com) and she continues her training in shamanic practices (with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies) as well as in clinical practices (related to cardiology and brain nutrition). She has also followed different courses in counseling and is coaching people to prepare and integrate the ceremony with the sacred wood for 5 years now.

Latest Testimonials

Anthony O (May 2019)

If you really want to change your life after the hell of addiction, please contact Anders and let him guide you through the ibogaine process. Anyone can get off the physical addiction, but if you don’t fix your dark emotional pain you won’t get nearly as far. I highly recommend Anders’ brilliant advice for your best possible outcome.

Rachel M (March 2019)
I have done a lot of therapy throughout my life and it has all been helpful in some way. However, I can honestly say I have progressed more in 4 months speaking with Ben than with years of therapy.  His knowledge, wisdom, and compassion has had a big impact on my healing process. At first, I thought that speaking over the phone or over Skype would be less beneficial than meeting in person. However, I now feel the opposite!  Ibogaine Counselling Services has changed my life tremendously and I whole-hardheartedly recommend their Services to anyone struggling with addiction and/or depression. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone interested in working with Ibogaine Counselling Services.

Stuart K (April 2019)
Ibogaine Counselling Services has been a crucial piece in my road to recovery and I couldn’t have asked for a better service or support! ICS has done nothing short of miracles for my personally journey, preparing me for Ibogaine treatment as well as digging into the root causes of the addiction in the first place. I was amazed at how efficient and to the point the approach was especially compared to traditional therapy sessions that I have encountered, we were able to cover a lot of material and really dig into the issues in a concise manner that did not take 3 years and an exorbitant amount of money to achieve. Personally, I worked with Anders and from the initial call with him I knew I was in the right place, he spoke the same language as me, he understood the struggle and could relate to my situation which is something that is not always found with addiction counsellors or therapy.


Andy L (October 2018)
Thanking You for how much I have changed due to the therapy, and how life has taken a new meaning. I actually feel I can now love myself. Wow, this feels good. Thanks so much.

Carol M (September 2018)
I cannot recommend Ibogaine Counselling Services highly enough speaking from a client perspective. Anders has completely reframed narratives for me & is getting me into a position to captain my own ship. A definate must for those embarking on the Ibogaine ‘magical mystery tour’ of a journey! Best therapy I have ever had in my life.

Sangfroid Ibogaine Sanctuary (September 2018)
We recommend Ibogaine Counseling to all our patients for pre and post Ibogaine counseling. The work Anders and Ben do make a huge difference to the readiness of our patients for treatment and helps them integrate their experience after treatment. They are professional and passionate and come highly recommended by us.


Christina (Ibogaine Provider) (August 2018)
I would highly recommend counseling services pre and post Ibogaine treatment. Anders and Ben are passionate, insightful and dedicated to helping patients realise the full potential that iboga can offer.

Laura H ​(August 2018)
I began sessions with Ben before my treatment… And I must say Ben has been a God send. He has helped me see life in a way that no other Psychologist here in the U.S. has been able to do. I was completely ready and prepared for my treatment mentally.

​Derek (family member of our client) (August 2018)
Once again so grateful for the drastic change Alan has made. Cannot thank you and your team enough. It’s been a miracle.

Alan K (July 2018)
It’s crazy the difference. I’m so proud of myself. It’s unbelievable who I was and who I have become. The big help was ibogaine counselling services. Proud of you guys and myself as a team.


Jeremy Weate – Executive Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) (June 2018)
Your best option for preparing yourself for your ibogaine treatment. Integrity and authenticity in spades. Anders and Ben help you to dissociate from your addiction and recover your childhood lost sense of play and curiousity for the world.