Plant medicines have been used to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing for thousands of years, and modern scientific research is now confirming the potential of psychedelics to alleviate depression, anxiety and PTSD, as well as enhance creativity.

Recent studies by Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London have revealed that psychedelics alter connectivity in a brain network known as the Default Mode Network, which sets the tone of the mental chatter that defines how we experience reality. For this reason, indigenous cultures worldwide have always used visionary plants as tools to transform their internal narrative and elevate their sense of self. Critically, these native communities have spent centuries developing the ritual framework that is necessary in order to connect to the wisdom of these plants and access their healing power.

Sadly, psychedelics are typically misused and abused in the West, which is why they have become viewed as dangerous drugs instead of profound aids to increase mental wellbeing. More often than not, they are simply used as a means to escape from regular consciousness rather than to engage with and transform it.

​ICS provides guidance to those working with psilocybin, ayahuasca, LSD and other psychedelics for psychospiritual growth. Our methodology is designed to allow people to stop identifying with the inauthentic narratives fostered upon them by their conditioning, so that they can connect to a more authentic self-image and begin living with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

​Approaching the psychedelic experience with the correct mindset and intentionality is paramount to this process. Ever since Timothy Leary brought psychedelics into the domain of popular culture, the term “set and setting” has been used as a buzzword for the preparation that is needed if these substances are to be used therapeutically. Just like the indigenous cultures that have utilised visionary plants medicines for thousands of years, Westerners wishing to access the healing power of psychedelics must learn to put the necessary respect, reverence and integrity into their experience.

Ultimately, what you put in will be what you get out.