Ibogaine is a psychoactive indole alkaloid derived from the root bark of an African plant called Tabernanthe Iboga and is noted for its ability to treat both drug and alcohol addiction. Studies, as well as widespread anecdotal reports, have shown that a single administration of ibogaine can be extremely effective in removing the symptoms of drug withdrawal as well as reducing cravings for a substantial period of time.

When taken in larger doses (a flood dose), ibogaine also induces, for some, a dreamlike state in which users have been helped in understanding their drug using behaviours. This visionary component has been commented on by many individuals to be highly useful as they said it allowed them a deeper introspective understanding about how their thinkings and behaviours have evolved over the course of their life time and how it relates to their self medicating patterns of addictive behaviour.

It is essential to make clear that ibogaine is no magic bullet; it may well take away withdrawal symptoms and reduce craving however nearly always the best long term outcomes occur when engagement in Pre and Post treatment therapy and life coaching are part and parcel of a treatment plan. Taking Ibogaine to simply quit using is rarely ever enough.

For more information on using psychedelic medicines to treat addiction, please visit www.psychedelicsforaddiction.com.

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– Joseph Campbell.